Resident Info



Three weeks vacation are allowed in each of the three years.

Continuing Medical Education

Second and third year residents have five days in each year for continuing medical education. During the three years, $1,500 is provided for continuing education activities.

Additional Benefits

  • Health/Dental and hospitalization insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Membership dues (American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, Iowa Medical Society, and American Osteopathic Association)
  • Medical/Dental expense reimbursement
  • Pre-tax insurance premiums
  • Dependent care expense reimbursement
  • $1,400 relocation allowance (one time)
  • $750 contribution to Medical/Dental reimbursement fund (annual)
  • Subsidized flexible spending program of $1,000 per training year which can be used for reimbursement for things such as: fitness center membership, local mileage, child care, medical student loan payments, resident share of personal health insurance premium, or any additional medical/dental expenses
    Lab coats
  • On-call meals
  • Accessible/free parking
  • $100 towards medical applications