Resident Info


Below are salaries effective 7/1/2019

First Year $58,500
Second Year $60,000
Third Year $61,500

 Resident Physicians will receive an additional $1,000 (use or lose) annually which may be used for:

  • local mileage reimbursement (not taxable if documented)
  • child care expense (taxable)
  • fitness center memberships (taxable)
  • medical student loan payments (taxable)
  • personal health insurance premium liability (taxable)
  • additional medical/dental reimbursement (taxable)

The Resident Physician will receive a one-time signing bonus/relocation allowance in his/her first year.  Any receipts provided for qualified moving expenses (as determined by the I.R.S.) will reduce the portion of the allowance which is taxable.