Student Opportunities

Sub Internship

Northeast Iowa Medical Education Foundation and Northeast Iowa Family Practice Center
2055 Kimball Avenue, Waterloo, IA


This course will emphasize the inpatient aspects of key components of family medicine, including:

  1. continuity of care;
  2. integration of health care in the local community;
  3. caring for entire families and caring for patients through the lifespan;
  4. patient education and prevention.


  1. Serve as a member of the Family Practice Inpatient Team at Allen Memorial Hospital and Covenant Medical Center with responsibility for initial assessment of patients in the ERs, or sent from the FPC for direct admissions, including obtaining complete history, physical exam, and developing a differential diagnosis and strategy for prudent diagnostic testing.
  2. Apply and improve his/her skills of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with illnesses commonly seen by family physicians.
  3. Develop evaluation and communication skills by presenting patients and doing occasional clinical presentations at morning teaching sessions.


  1. Be supervised by the FP Team Chief Resident, other licensed members of the Team and the rounding and on-call faculty physicians.
    * Any document requiring signature, including discharge summaries, progress notes and orders, must have a co signature by a licensed, supervising physician. Co-signatures will occur in real time. Student will observe and assist the responsible physician/s consistent with his/her privileges and the medical staff bylaws.
  2. Follow 2 -5 patients daily in the hospital, writing progress notes, and managing the patients with supervision.
  3. Dictate discharge summaries.
  4. Take first call approximately every 4th night with the Chief Resident as back-up and have 1-2 days off each week (to be arranged by the Chief Resident).
  5. Follow patients from their admission through their discharge.
  6. Have an opportunity to work with patients in two community hospitals.
  7. Have an opportunity to participate in deliveries.
  8. Participate in weekly didactic conference at the Northeast Iowa Family Practice Residency.
  9. May perform a history and physical examination, but the attending shall also perform this examination and dictate the findings of his/her examinations.

Students interested in this rotation must be interested in the specialty of Family Medicine. Prior approval from the Program is required.

Course Director:
Robert Friedman, M.D., Undergraduate Medical Education Director

Wendy Hudson, Educational Coordinator at (319) 272-2855

Length of Elective:
4 weeks

Special Conditions:
Transportation is required. A sleeping room and daily meal allowance in the hospital are provided at no charge to the student. Students must be free of other obligations during this time period. Students must provide a record of immunizations and health screening as well as any other documents that may be required by the participating hospitals.

Reviewed by Medical Education Committee 04/22/98
Revised/Updated: 09/05/06, 11/07/07, 08/25/11